Smartarget increases user engagement much better than email subscription. Get over 65% views for every notification and an average of 15-25% clicks!

Smartarget allows you to target your Chrome and Firefox users, both on Desktop and Mobile! We support the leading browsers and give you a direct connection to your users. Anywhere, anytime.

Smartarget provides customized design and personal attention to every client separately to make sure you're satisfied.

What is Smartarget?

Smartarget allows your users to get push notifications on their Chrome or Firefox browser both on desktop and on mobile.

Smartarget is a SaaS solution for websites who want to have better user engagement than Mailing Lists (or even Social platforms).


Why is it better than email?

First, users don’t need to provide their email address to subscribe, they only need to confirm on their browser to get notifications from you and that’s it.

Second, they’ll get your notifications even when they’re not on your website at the moment!!

Users can’t miss notifications you send them, it pops up on their mobile until they take an action and it pops up on their desktop when they’re online. Smartarget is more visible than any other platform you use to be in touch with your users.


I want Smartarget (AKA: I want better user engagement)!

Who doesn’t?! Contact us: [email protected]



Smartarget is another wonderful product by TopSoft UG.

TopSoft UG is a Berlin-based startup experienced in Internet & Mobile technology solutions.
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